Friday, October 27, 2006

God Hates Me

So i finally felt well enough to head back into work on Wednesday. I was still under a significant amount of pain and discomfort, but the doctor provided drugs that really softened the blow. I popped the pills after stopping for a couple of Breakfast Jacks.

After my boss found out the perscription i was on, he asked me to hide in my cube and not to post anything publicly on our corporate webboard. Good call. It's a much different experience to be hopped up on medication at home, than it is to be hopped up and try to interact with people all day long. I think i made the "drunken" fool of myself and hopefully didn't offend anyone who came by to visit. I think i lectured Nick a bit too long for a topic i don't recall. Sorry, Nick.

On Thursday, i thought it would be a good idea to not take anything, as i was going in for the follow up appointment and wanted to see how well i actually was without being under the influence of any narcotics. OK i'd say. Mostly just pressure and discomfort, and if i aggravated it by bending or twisting the wrong way i only had a sharp jab, as opposed to "Oh God, Oh God, I'm going to die."

Which brings me back to the title of today's blog. Yesterday i had a bit of a sniffle, nothing to worry about. All through the night and this morning, it decided to grow into an irritated cough and sneeze fest. Not the best conditions of a ribcage injury. Can you say, "Ow"?

So today i'm just going to lie down, take some pills, and do nothing. I even have to cancel a scheduled lunch i've been planning for about two weeks. Well, I'm sure the team would be more than happy to ditch me for some freshly grilled sausage.

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David Blume said...

Why would God hate a man known as Evil Eddie? Hmmm...

Anyway man, sorry to hear about your troubles. We didn't go without you, things are crazy at work. We'll all go together when you get back.