Monday, November 06, 2006

Ketching Up

Since "Hell Week" a number of things have happened in my head. I'm still trying to get them all in a row so i can figure out what's going on. There are issues that i've never even comtemplated comtemplating that have pushed their way to the forefront. Like "do i like Granny Smith or Pippin apples more?" Or something a close friend said to my wife when she opened her store; "If you make a career of the things you love, you never have to work a day in your life" and such. I'll need some time to flush most of them out before i can effectively share. Right now i'm still in the "I don't know what it means, nor what I'm talking about" stage. It consists of excessive sighs and rhetorical questions.

To help solidify this foundation of new thought, there are a number of things of note that i know wont change in the next month or so.

My wife, for one, is a rock. While i was lying in the hospital bed she only shed a tear once, when she saw in my eyes that I truly thought i was going to leave her alone on this Earth. She's the real deal.

Two, World of Warcraft is an immense timesink. I officially quit today, with my account cancellation taking effect (i believe) on the 22nd. The worst aspect of the game was that it catered to my obbsessive compulsive and addictive tendencies. The valued aspect would most definitely be all the wonderful friends i've made online over the last two years. As i'm writing this i can't believe i've spent at least half of my free time over the last 22 months in the alternate world of a video game. There was a time where i'd mentally left-mouse click on everyone i met in real life to figure out their stats and/or item bonuses.

Three, there are many things due to change. I can feel it, i'm on the cusp of something big. Don't confuse this with dellusions of grandeaur, "big" is a relative term and for me simply means a shift is in the works. And I'm going to set forth these changes, not a diabolical unseen force. (So with that i can at least attempt to convince you sanity has not yet left the building).

More to come... I still have to post some Halloween pics!

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