Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shitty Kitty - Chapter 2: Attack of the Sphincter

Early in the morning, i can feel the kittens climbing up the side of the bed and tugging at the comforter. They slowly make thier way up to our heads, purring softly and being oh so cutesey. "Meeyowr."

They prod at my face, purring and burying thier heads into my chest and shoulders. Their masks of black fur, their white whiskers jutting out like silken threads, and thier dirty assholes exposed and stinking of shit.

I need to purchase them some kitty underwear. Chloe mentioned we can wipe their little shitty kitty sphincters with baby wipes. We could just train them to walk around with their tails down. In any case, i cannot forgive it. I can only comprimise the kitty ass with their cuteness, and live with it.

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