Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sparkle Motion

My wife tells me that i have an interesting take on things. It's good to know that at least one quality i have is engaging, otherwise i don't have much of an idea why she would settle for someone like me. "Someone like me," being an ogre with a view on the world that ends at my glasses sitting on my nose. Until very recently, i thought that when someone called me "incorrigible," it meant that i was open to encouragement.

I tell my friends I'm lucky. After a few minutes hanging out with wifey, they pull me to the side and nod, "Yep, you're definitely lucky." This is after they get to know her a bit; far past the initial shock of the eyeful of T&A. She's intelligent, funny, honest and beautiful. I see it this way - typically, when it comes to women, you only get two of the four traits, maybe three at best. (If any honest women are reading this, they would concur.)

I went to a performance of hers last night. She's in a choral group. They're good, and not just good "for being a volunteer group." I don't feel like my $25 bucks for a ticket is wasted after the final song.

It's an immense contrast to her other gigs, which may involve the eating of fire, or shoving spaghetti up her nose and pulling it out her mouth. She's a circus freak, adding a fifth quality to the "Big 4" i mentioned earlier. Orgasmic i tell you. A perverted nightmare you can't believe was given birth by your subconscious, and i'm living in it. We've seen each other use the bathroom, the ultimate confirmation that this is no dream. This is real, and i'm ecstatic.

That's her on the right there, in company with Count Smokula,
the Fishnet Floosies, Kitten DeVille, and Miss Satanica.

I'm sure to include her in plenty of future posts. I'll stop here before being gooey starts to getting me gooey.

(She's bound to read this entry. If i put it together right, I'm getting special treatment tonight.)


Chloe Sparkle said...

I don't doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion

Audra said...

Chloe, I think you were overdressed.