Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Three years, today.... I'm I'm still not sick of ya!

I love you Chloe.

Maybe we can go out to eat, I'll gum myself some mashed potatoes and Jello.

Monday, October 22, 2007

'Tis the Season... be a Zombie, Fa la LA la LAAA, la laaa laaa mmmbraaaaains

I love Halloween. Not because I'm susceptible to the incessant marketing and ploys by corporationy America to siphon you for all your money, but because of the campy macabre, and sweet sweet parties that come with the true holiday season. Chloe and I were married on Halloween, 2004. That was one of the best events EVAR; up there with the Carnival, the fall of Rome, and Esha's 8th birthday.

the Tooth Ferry

I am having all four of my wisdon teeth removed this Friday. The 26th. I'm taking the day off of work, so a small Asian man can put his hands in my mouth with a pair of pliers and yank out part of my head.

I am not looking forward to it. I've been told to not use a straw until the stitches come out. OK. I've also been told to sleep sitting up. er... OK. Any other pointers from the peanut gallery? Perhaps I need to have my jaw wired shut? My eyeballs removed so you can pour drink down my gullet through my sinuses?

In any case, drop me some of your favorite links for the interwebs, and make some movie suggestions for the while i'm home and convelescing that weekend. If you're nearby, you can say hello and rub my feet. In any case, I'll keep you updated on my discomfort.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tabasco on my Eggy Weggs

This is a feel good video. Don't worry, it's not a "touch yourself and feel good" video.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Down with cowardice!

Ok. So as soon as it went up, it is now down. I've decided that to remain on the outskirts of gauche, I must remove my overly gorpy wish list. (ask me personally fo the definition of "gorpy"). I am not a cam girl, nor do i want anyone to know I'd like to purchase Morticia Stewart's Home Goth Makeover book series. Sorry list. Buh bye.

Stealing a Pique

I suppose i should spend more time writing when I'm thoroughly content. Like most humans, when there is conflict, the brain reacts. In my case, these head butts spurned trails of meandering thought that result in some modicum of coherent text that i don't mind sharing. With Chloe being so healthy these days, i usually roam the Earth with a perpetual shit-eating grin taking life in as it's thrown at me, rotten tomatoes, bad drivers, unexpected death and all. Life for all it's left turns, is good, and I am enjoying it. Just wanted to leave something to savor for the two of you who read this page.

On a side note, I met quite a cool clan of Google-ites and friends of friends last night. I think some new friendships are a brewing. It's rare that i feel so comfortable with a new group. I usually have to test the waters with my humor, starting around PG and working my way up through R, NC-17 and above. Here, all of our quirks were received (as Journey says), with open arms. This experience is refreshing, like taking a deep breath in a walk-in freezer.