Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kimberlyn Ann... McGinty?

Kim got married!

I can't express in words how happy i am that she tied the knot, and to someone who truly loves her. So i won't.

The food was good, and i need to find the baker because the cake kicked arse.

I'm glad i finally got to know Kim's friend Millie a bit better, that's one rad chick. She's even more outlandish than i am. And when we were attempting to leave, she just continued to tell us how rad we were. I don't know where that came from - i was drunk and am sure i insulted everyone at the table at least once.

Her date looked just like the guy who played Tom Collins in Rent.

Jason and Eric were both there, so the conversation inevitably turned to sex. I talked about Kim deep-throating an ice-cream sandwich. Chloe talked about her mentor Ms. Satanica pressing her naked breasts into broken glass. And Jason topped it all off with his Japanese experience which consisted of a nine-story porn video empire, Manga characters, two dogs and diarrhea.

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