Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lump and Peaches

I wanted to take this small opportunity to thank two very special people. I've thanked many things in my lifetime, whether that be with a simple exchange of words to that unknown entity when a little something goes right for me, to that monumental "thank you" when my wife said "yes".

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and I would like to share some heartfelt sentiment with two very cool chicks. My wife, in this case, isn't one of them. (It's likely my sister would be the other chick if i said "two very cool chicks" in any given context. That a high standard. Trust me people, i don't use this rating lightly. OK, if we're one the page, jump on board and slalom with me down to the next paragraph.).

Mrs. Lump. Mrs. Peaches-Zepplin. (Their true identities have been altered to protect their, well... identities).

You, of course come with a huge contingent from each front so I also want them to know they should reach out and grab the periphery spray from this, but i want to make this a concerted effort to focus on you two.

You with me?


It hasn't been the best twelve months for us. Everything happened at once. People getting sick. People dying. Drama from unexpected places. Drama expected, yet unable to be displaced. You two have been rocks. You two have been family. Without you, we would not be sane.

And with that, Mrs. Lump and Mrs. Peaches, here are two music video in your tribute.


Here's an edit, added later. I was going to use the following video for Mrs. Peaches, but thought better of it. Now, "better" has gone to bed and we can all laugh at this one; (use headphones).

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David Blume said...

Compassion, acknowledgment and gratitude rock. I hope Lump and Peaches read this.