Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blame Canadia [sic]

OK then. You still alive?

Fill me in on the last two months, bud.

I want to know the old friends you've seen, and how they make you feel youthful, in an odd forty-something sort of way.

I want to hear about new karaoke friends and acquaintances (male or female) that have thrown themselves at you after your sensual rendition of "At a Medium Pace".

I want to hear about the (shudder) one that got away.

I want to hear about all the people you've fucked until they were raw, and while you were still in your flight back home.

How was the coffee on said flight?

I want to hear about how you miss the abundance of dunces* in this part of California.

I want to know about a country that (in parts) has banned the use of colored additives in margarine, making it look like Manteca de Quebec.

I want to hear from you that i was the only truly insane, thus forgivably (just bearably) sane person with whom you got to spend time.

Give it to me. I miss you. *We miss you.

I don't quite miss you yet, Dave. Don't make me get all Carly Simon on your ass.

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David Blume said...

I'm so vain I think this blog is about me.

(In Mok's voice from Rock and Rule): Me.