Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Room With a View

I was checking my email, and this is the view i had from my computer desk. I was first drawn to the commotion, and then i realized there was a bikini clad Asian vixen in high heels. This required some more direct attention.

It looked like they were filming something for film class. A short skit about the unlucky business man and the proverbial unobtainable bikini clad Asian vixen in high heels.

I called my wife over to witness the event, not only to justify the slight oddity of the situation, but to subvert any perversion that could be derived from me staring out the window at a barely clothed chick flanked by a bunch of drooling (yet pretending no to be) guys.

Who cares. I know Eduardo would want to see this, so i grabbed a camera and took these shots. For my friend, see!? For proof!

I like my apartment. I like my apartment building. I like my neighborhood. I like random girls in bikinis and high heels. It seems like a natural thought process. I suspect if i change the subject to pancakes, no one will follow? I had a single pancake for dinner. I like pancakes.

On a side note; I need a new camera. I'm creating a PayPal account to start taking donations. I will post tomorrow.


Chloe Sparkle said...

I think the lighting setup was shoddy. She's gonna look like she has a big halo once they look at the footage.

LaLo said...

What no pictures of that pancake?