Thursday, August 09, 2007

Less is More

After nearly three months of recovery, sprinkled with soreness and all-out pain, it seemed that Chloe's comfort wasn't improving much after the extensive surgery. She went back for a full exam, and they discovered some new developments in the same region.

A cyst had developed on Chloe's left ovary; this one twice the size of its host. The shape was irregular, so extra fluid was suspected to be surrounding it, as well as extending into her left fallopian tube. The initial suggestions from the doc were these:

1. See if the hormones Chloe was now taking would have an impact on the offending region. Perhaps this would pass as a normal cycle.

2. Surgery. Immediately.

We had just gone through this. We knew what the aftermath of an invasive surgery would entail. Chloe has been ill since March, and is simply sick of being sick, and all of this is taking a massive drain on the both us. Perspectives have shifted. Our lives have changed. This terrible invasion into our well-being has made us only stronger as individuals, and cemented our relationship more tightly than a midget with a construction helmet and Superglue. For those friends and acquaintances reading this blog, beware, as our vow, our wedding promise of world domination, has begun to come to fruition.

After a little bit of convincing from a loving husband, and most of it coming from the "mom sage," Chloe opted for #2. Why fuck with it? We're lucky she didn't, because the doctor only had a best guess without looking at the trouble directly, and the diagnosis changed dramatically once she could get a direct look.

I'll save the details for Chloe to divulge, but in the meantime i can say the following.

Chloe is a powerhouse, a potent example of strength. Once she was opened up, it was observed that her condition wasn't one easily tolerated by most humans. The pain she was experiencing would have dropped anyone to their knees every time it decided to take a random jab. Her sentiment was always, "Hrm, I'm just a little tender today."

There were pieces removed. Fortunately, this also didn't take away our ability to procreate (although it has affected the chances of it happening simply, and without the help of a third party). Don't be sad for us. Feel our muscles. We are now strong with health, and have always been bulging with humor and the enjoyment of existence. We are the coveted life; the couple that "look so happy together."

We are simply tired. And we need some movies to watch. Leave a comment and make a suggestion.


Audra said...

I love you guys sooooooooo much!!

Of course, I am biased, but as for movies, may I recommend a visit to the foreign film section for just about anything made in Australia? Their sense of humor is quirky, though I confess at times I have to turn on the sub-titles.

The Castle is a must see.

Danny Deck Chair is not widely regarded here, but I found it utterly charming.

Anything with Mick Molloy is a good bet, but be on the look out for Stiff, The Brushoff, Bad Eggs, and Boy Town.

Japanese Story isn't exactly a feel good movie, but it has some beautiful scenery and a powerful storyline.

Heaven's Burning has some amusing characters, despite starring Russel Crowe.

However, the movie I most recntly watched that made me feel really nice was Night at the Museum. I don't know what the critics really expected out of this. I found it happy and entertaining.

Kathryn said...

You as a couple will achieve your dreams. Chloe is awesomeness embodied!

I really enjoyed Inside Man (a Spike Lee film). It's a not too heavy movie (though at the beginning you might be tempted to think it is).