Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jesus was a Mormon

This is the first part of likely many. Dinner has bloated me and i can't go on.

Last weekend, i went with some friends, old and new, to a San Francisco venue called "SupperClub." What a restaurant. The food was a 3 of 5, but the event was a 5.

The limo arrived behind us like a government agent on the trail of his first kill, or like a shark sleekly and almost nonchalantly stalking a box fish. It couldn't be here for us, but we were informed otherwise. We pulled up to J's around 5:45, prepared to do the big "surprise!" yell to D as she passed through the threshold while she discovered her carriage for the evening. I was dissapointed to find out she had to be told of the impending ride to whip herself into presentable shape before it started to cost.

I looked like, well, me. Quasi-business, semi-rockabilly. Chloe looked like a fetish model straight off the pages of Joanna's Angels, with the exception that she was as live as a Nine Inch Nails concert.

J and D, as always, looked not only stunning, but nearly unrecognizable from our 'childhood' together. "Saucy" is the word that immediately comes to the frontal lobes, but that is an understatement. "Pimp" is overkill, as they wouldn't be doing any trading of sex for money. Sex is free 'round dese parts. I think "good" is enough to leave it open to subjectiveness.

We (the wife, J&D and I) poured into the limo and begun our adventure. It's good to have friends who work for Google.

The trip itself was great. We hadn't seen J&D long enough for J to grow a hedge off his chin. It looked like he had been eating the chest of an Iranian disco dancer on the prowl. D is simply always prime USDA. She's really why they built the Hubble telescope; spying on hot chicks is the "hobby" of its operators. To have these characters warmly pressed up against you in a car is an adventure in and of itself.

To be continued... with pics!


slskenyon said...

The mystery of the Hubble Telescope has finally been solved. Now I certainly know the whole "funding problem" with that piece of equiptment was just a front.

Kathryn said...

Not sure where Jesus comes into this post, but at first sight my eyes read "Jesus was a Moron". ;)