Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pedal Power

I recently have become obsessed with riding my bike. I'm on it almost daily now, and as a result have dropped just over 30lbs. Being as big as i was to start off with, 30lbs is only a small fraction of the mass i need to lose, and was hardly noticeable... that is until my marathon sex session with the wife. (Moms- you can stop reading this blog now. I'll make sure the next post is rated "G".) It was the best sex of our entire relationship together.

I pulled out a boxed time capsule of clothes i havent worn in years to discover i now fit into the other half of my wardorbe. Gone are the days of skin-tight Tees that show off my love handles, hello to the days of wearing a kilt, Chuck Taylors and a T-Shirt that says "I put the laughter back into Manslaughter." (Davey Boy likes that one.)

I've many adventures on the 20 mile round trek to work, and i plan to start sharinging them, at least semi-regularly. Like nearly running over a furry giant mutant geese, to crushing my way through a mountain of bleached-white snails.

I thought I'd also share my dream bike - the Kona "Hoss Dee-lux." It's a clydesdale class for "the big man." and oh yes, I am big.