Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crunch Time

It's amazing to me how much your life outside of work is affected directly by it. I didn't sleep very well last night. Was this because my wife is sick, or because I am concerned about a friend whose mother recently passed? No. I couldn't sleep because our release date may be postponed due to a last-minute reproduced error.

In the grander scheme of things, things like this shouldn't affect me at all. Yet they continue to nag like an old knee injury that rears its ugly head when the weather gets too cold. I guess you could argue that my passion for our products has found a place in my personal thoughts on a regular basis. We have a good thing going, and i don't want that to be fucked up at all simply because a "little thing" has skewed our first impressions to the public.

I'm going to publicly take a vow, that no matter how "stressful" day-to-day work life becomes, i will not take it home with me. It's tough enough to deal with it head on 9 hours a day.

When i get home - I'll watch the new SB email, work out, catch up on the news to remind myself why I refrain from taking a raft on the main stream of society, shower, and then plan to do somethign spontaneous. ;)

1 comment:

David Blume said...

Good thing I didn't read your personal blog until I got in to work!

And I'm at least a year behind on Strong Bad Email. (I lost track shortly after Buffy ended. The Burninator attacks!) Wonder if I should pick it up again?