Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I hope my knees don' explode

The regiment is working. One day i woke up and decided it was time to exercise. This is after about 10 years, mind you.

So after the first 2.5 weeks i'm down 12lbs.

The first few days were from a mapped out guide to beginner's runnning. That idea was shot after the third time out because it now feels like my knees are going to explode like a whitehead. It'll have to be biking from now on.

Once i get down to a respectable weight, i'll post the "before" picture. Right now i look like King Kong Bundy, for reference.


David Blume said...

That's funny. I look like another bundy.

slskenyon said...

Reminds me it is about time to get out there and get moving. I have no excuses.