Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stealing a Pique

I suppose i should spend more time writing when I'm thoroughly content. Like most humans, when there is conflict, the brain reacts. In my case, these head butts spurned trails of meandering thought that result in some modicum of coherent text that i don't mind sharing. With Chloe being so healthy these days, i usually roam the Earth with a perpetual shit-eating grin taking life in as it's thrown at me, rotten tomatoes, bad drivers, unexpected death and all. Life for all it's left turns, is good, and I am enjoying it. Just wanted to leave something to savor for the two of you who read this page.

On a side note, I met quite a cool clan of Google-ites and friends of friends last night. I think some new friendships are a brewing. It's rare that i feel so comfortable with a new group. I usually have to test the waters with my humor, starting around PG and working my way up through R, NC-17 and above. Here, all of our quirks were received (as Journey says), with open arms. This experience is refreshing, like taking a deep breath in a walk-in freezer.

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Mouth said...

I did that once and froze my throat. The voice hasn't ever been the same sense, but yes, at the time, it was rather refreshing.