Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Few Cuts

Chloe is having surgery after all. We were hoping that the medication and antibiotics would do the trick, but it seems that the infection's kung fu is much too strong. They have to go in and drain the abscesses. The infection is so bad, the doctors say, that more may need to be removed but it's unknown how much until they're actually inside with the camera and scalpul.

We've been prepared for the worst. If drainage is not enough, they will remove her left tube and ovary. Her right side may be irrepairable as well, which means it may be removed along with the first. The uterus may follow. We've also been informed that part of her bowels could be infected on top of everything else.

They're (Chloe and the Docs) being smart and harvesting a number of eggs while they have her open. If we can retain the womb, we can utilize in vitro fertilization.

At the very least i can say this; there is still hope for our own children as we dont yet know how much of her girl parts will need to go. We can always adopt. (As per Doug Stanhope, it wouldn't hurt to do our little part in population control). And, of course, most importantly, she is still alive and here with me. If we can save her libido too, I can be happy. ;)

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